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For long time, I have been hearing the news about people who committed suicide or encountering the problem of suicidal thoughts due to tedious life and excessive physical, emotional and psychological pain. Couple of days ago during my meditation session when I connected with Higher Self and Lord of Karma I was advised to help people to overcome suicidal thoughts .
Many of us have had suicidal thoughts at some point in our life because we think the burden of sufferings is intolerable sometimes, when we don’t find any solution to our problems then we think; ending life is the easiest way to get rid of all problems. Now question arises committing suicide is right or wrong? Off course not right action, let us see what happens to the person’s soul after death who themselves have ended their life…….
First thing is, they break the law of nature in other words breaking of soul contracts, which are made between the soul and God before taking birth, and no one has the right to end his/her life. Everyone should remember life is a mixture of sorrows and happiness.
Second, the journey of soul becomes more difficult because we are here to learn some lessons through testings and these testings come to us as a difficult situations. The journey of soul becomes very difficult in coming births and sometimes soul has to remain in the spirit world for many years because of not completing its journey as a human being.

Tips to overcome suicidal thoughts…………….

Deep and slower breathing helps a lot to overcome suicidal thoughts, breathe deeply as long as you can, this will calm negative thoughts. Inhale through nose, hold breath for 5-7 seconds then exhale through mouth. Repeat this cycle 3-5 times.
Shield yourself with white divine light.
Now ask yourself is it right choice? Definitely you will get answer.
Do not consume Alcohol and any drug because suicidal thoughts can become even stronger if you have taken drugs or alcohol.
Try to divert your attention in other activities like watching TV, play some melodious music, go for short walk, meeting your friends etc.
Play subliminal music (Subliminal music has hidden and positive messages and when you listen to music your negative thoughts transmutes into positive thoughts)
Face the situation and try to find out the solution of your problem.
Talk to a person,friend or counsellor whom you feel comfortable with.
Take Professional help.
Try to stay positive, remember time does not remain the same if you are going through bad phase in life it won’t stay forever. There is always new day after dark night.

Refer to us if you know someone who is going through this problem. We also welcome people from different cities and countries who want to join our team as a counsellor and want to make difference in people’s lives.