tarrot remediesTarot is one of the world’s most popular methods of divination. However, fortune telling is not Tarot’s only use. As either a meditation aid or an extremely potent source of magic, tarot cards can be used as filters through which unseen spiritual forces enter the physical plane.

Practicing Tarot Remedies can be a path toward spiritual development and personal growth, helping us to maintain our self esteem and fulfill our expectations. We can bring about positive changes in every area of our lives. Tarot can help us achieve our potential in our career, love life and social life. It can help us enhance our physical well being, our communication skills, our creative and our artistic talents.

Tarot Remedies are very useful and effective for a happy and prosperous life. These remedies are for just about every aspect of life: career, love, friendship, self development and so on. The remedies draw their inspiration primarily from the rich symbolism of the tarot, but also include elements from the Kabbalah, African system of magic, astrology, angelic invocation, and the use of essential oils, candles, incense sticks and forms of mental concentration.

Tarot Remedies are available for:

  • Health
  • Wealth (Material, Emotional and Spiritual)
  • Happy and Peaceful Living
  • Admiration and Respect
  • New Opportunities
  • Safe Travel
  • Success in Business, Examination and other competitive situations
  • Legal Matters
  • Protection (Personal, Loved Ones, Home)
  • Self Development, Creativity, Insight
  • Removing Negative Influences from Homes and Individuals
  • Attracting Love
  • Fertility