Soul Healing ($ 555)


  • Introduction to the Soul
  • What is a Soul?
  • What is Soul Healing?
  • Transmigration
  • The Gross and Subtle Bodies
  • Reincarnation
  • Soul is neither born nor does it die – Sri Bhagvad Gita
  • Causes of Ailments
  • Psychological Causes
  • Causes emanating from Group Karma
  • Karmic Causes
  • Emotions that cause Dis-ease (Louise Hay)
  • Soul Contract
  • How do the Contracts work?
  • Soul Group
  • Soul Awakening
  • Seat of Soul
  • Alchemy of Soul
  • Soul Activation/Awakening Technique
  • Four pillars Soul Healing Technique
  • Healing with Soul Symbol
Raise Your Vibrational Frequency (Law of Attraction)
Many people struggle to make the Law of Attraction work in their life. They use Affirmations, try to attract positive results but nothing happens, do you know why? because first, you need to understand the Law of Vibration which is the basis of the Law of Attraction. If your vibrations will be low nothing would happen. All the positive results are based on the high vibrational frequencies. Therefore, this is very much required to match your vibrations with the vibrations of the Universe.
When you master this law you can turn the Universe in your favor.
This online course will provide you the Recipe Of the Law of Vibration/Attraction so that you can make this Law work in your life.
Contents of the Course
  • What is Vibration?
  • Law of Vibration
  • What is Manifesting?
  • What happens when Vibration/Energy in and around is low and negative?
  • What Lowers your Vibrations?
  • Where to use the Law of Vibration?
  • Recipe to Raise the Vibration
  • Methods to raise your vibrations
  • How long it takes to manifest?
  • Don’t rush the process
Cost $225

Reiki Healing 

Reiki Level I – Self-healing, Attunement, Manual, Hand Positions for Healing, Practice of Hand on healing, Certificate ($ 165)




Reiki Level II – Selfhealing with symbols, Distant Healing Techniques, Attunement, Methods of protection, Psychic Healing, Manual, and Certificate ($220)




Reiki Level III & Mastership Course – Master symbol, Attunement, method to Attune others ($555)

Crystal Healing ($275)



  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of crystal healing
  3. Cleansing of crystals
  4. Charging and consecration of crystals
  5. Chakras and crystals
  6. Chakra balancing meditation
  7. Crystal Grid
  8. Reiki crystal healing
  9. Astrological signs and associated stones
  10. Crystals for various situation

Tarot Remedies ($330)


  1. Introduction
  2. Ethics of tarot remedies
  3. Preparation for rituals
  4. Consecrating tarot deck
  5. Tarot meditation for opening third eye
  6. Invoking guardian angels during ritual
  7. Remedies for the following:-
  8. Health (physical, emotional and psychological)
  9. Success in examination and business
  10. Legal matters
  11. Increase intuition
  12. Protection (individual and home)
  13. Positivity and creativity
  14. Love and relationships
  15. Abundance
  16. Spirituality
  17. Peaceful and harmonious life

Candle Therapy ($250)


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) ($220)



  1. Introduction of EFT
  2. The Essence of EFT
  3. EFT Method
  4. Energy Meridians
  5. Short cut method of EFT
  6. Psychological Reversal
  7. Surrogate Tapping
  8. Diseases treated with EFT

Angel Therapy ($250)



  1. Introduction to Angel Therapy
  2. What are angels?
  3. The Angelic Hierarchy
  4. Invoking and communing with Angels
  5. Hearing the messages from your angels
  6. Creating an Angel altar
  7. Angels in everyday life
  8. Essential oils and angels
  9. Angels and crystals
  10. Angels and chakras

Advance Angel Therapy Course ($250)


  1. How to give Angel reading to others
  2. The wheel of angels
  3. Chakra dowsing
  4. Chakra cleansing
  5. Chakra balancing
  6. The Aura (Aura sensing and balancing)
  7. Healing others with angels
  8. Distant healing
  9. Protection of home, person and belongings
  10. Journey into past lives
  11. Cutting Ties
  12. Karma clearing
  13. Essential oils for specific problems
  14. Angels of assistance

Color Therapy ($330 )



  1. Basics to science of colors
  2. History of colors
  3. Colors classification
  4. Colors and their characteristics
  5. Chakras and colors
  6. Color and crystal healing
  7. Importance of colors in feng shui
  8. Color and candle therapy
  9. Healing with colors
  10. Diagnosis of diseases
  11. Method of treatment
  12. Ultraviolet radiation therapy
  13. Breathing color technique
  14. Solarized water
  15. Treatment of diseases

Affirmations course ($120)



  1. What are Affirmations?
  2. How does it work?
  3. Why Affirmations do not work for some people?
  4. How to create your own Affirmations?
  5. How to increase the effectiveness of Affirmations?
  6. Methods of reading Affirmations
  7. What to do with Affirmations list when you start manifesting?

Karma Healing ($555)

Contents about the course coming soon