When we trust universe it shows us its power, I was suffering from knee pain for couple of months when i consulted Doctors they advised to go for Xray, report was normal but pain continued for months and walking, sitting and lying was becoming difficult for me due to pain, again I went to Doctor and told about the pain this time Doctor advised to go for MRI, before i could go for MRI I decided to heal myself.
Last week I communicated with my Soul and asked for help that how I can heal my knee pain as it was becoming worse and I did not want to have medicines. My Soul suggested me to do Soul healing, Karma healing, Yoga, conscious breathing and yogic breathing. And I started healing within a week I noticed my knees were free of pain. I shared this with all of you to tell that when we completely surrender ourself before universe, the Universe helps us. Soul has power every area of our life……….