Are You Seeking Answers For Your Questions?

Bad finances, Relationship problems, Physical ailments, and Emotional trauma, Job/Career/ Business problems. What your soul purpose is? Why do you suffer? Why certain things, issues, patterns are so persistent in your life?

Why no amount of effort is good enough to change them? It’s like being caught in a vicious circle where the variables (people, places, and situations) change but the patterns persist. They just change form but don’t disappear.

If you are going through any of these situations it may have KARMIC issues. 

Human Life is based on Soul Journey, until or unless Soul does not learn its lessons it will keep incarnating over and over again.

We all write the story of our lives through our thoughts, words, and deeds. All our good or bad deeds are stored in Universe’s Database.

Earth is our school where we take human form and incarnate lifetime after lifetime. We learn lessons for soul advancement through life experiences to manifest the spiritual perfection we embody at a physical earth plane.

Do I have Karmic Debt?


We all have some or more “KARMIC DEBTS” to pay that’s why we are born on this planet. How do I know my Karmic Debt?

Pay attention to the patterns in your life. Are you constantly facing the same relationship struggles regardless of whom you are with? Do you struggle with money? Do you come from a family where addiction, abandonment or betrayal have created a legacy of painful relationships? Is it possible that you self-sabotage your own success? Any of these things could be indicators that the energetic balance is not in your favor. You may be carrying karmic debt that you’ve accrued in this or in past lifetimes. Karmic debt isn’t about punishment for past wrongs. It’s all about balancing energy for the purpose of learning life lessons that will allow your soul to achieve a higher level of consciousness.

What is the Karmic Report?

karmic report

Karmic Report will be based on your KARMA which is accumulated in this life or in the previous life/lives. Our life story is written from the birth in which we succeed, fail, suffer, prosperous, and live meaningful and purposeful life. Every person is born with certain traits – some are great singers, others enjoy celebrity status and some are successful in business. The flip side of this some are born to be destitute, physically and mentally sick. Why? All is because of Karma of the person.

The purpose of this report is to make you understand why particular situation you are suffering from and how you can heal these situations.

This Karmic report will give you an insight and solutions for the problems you are having in this lifetime.