Karmic Cleansing

  • 4 Months

  • Delivery of the program: In-person or Online

The ROOT CAUSE of all human sufferings is our KARMA. God has created everyone equally but our life situations are different from others. Even the children are born to the parents in the same way but the life of each child is different from other siblings. Some are born healthy and some born with disabilities. Do you know WHY? 

Because of the KARMA of the person. So the equation is very much clear here: you believe it or not – We get what we sow. Most of the people say, “I am a good person in this life then why I do suffer?” The Answer is you have to learn some lessons that are essential to grow spiritually. All the problems/blockages are spiritual in nature.

But the good thing is when you are ready to learn lessons and grow spiritually, your Guides/Masters/Soul help you on this journey. 

In this 4 months spiritual journey coaching program I will show you a path to overcome spiritual blockages.

How the program will work?

 :-) Karmic Report

 :-) 1 Cleansing Session

 :-) 1 Soul Activation Session

 :-) 2 Soul Healing Session

 :-) Karma Healing Session

 :-) Karma Healing Pendant/Bracelet

  • Karmic Report – This report will be based on your Karma that is accumulated in this life and in any of the previous life/lives. You will discover the reasons of the problems you are going through at present and the areas you need to work on. Spiritual solutions will be provided to your problems.
  • Cleansing Session – This session includes Aura cleansing, Chakra healing and balancing.
  • Soul Activation Session – In the Soul Activation session, Soul will be activated with the help of Soul Healing Symbol. When your connection is developed with the Soul; Soul starts guiding you on your journey and helps to all the areas of life.
  • Soul Healing Session – You will have 2 soul healing sessions which is intense healing.
  • Karma Healing Session – This is a very powerful session, all the Karma will be cleared and balanced from all the directions of the time and space. All the information flows directly from the universe during the session.
  • Karma Healing Pendant/Bracelet – After completion of the program you will get Karma Healing Pendant or Bracelet to restore your energies and to help you walk on the spiritual journey without any problem.

Cost $ 1200

Monthly payment options of $220 are available for 6 months.