There are 12 months 31 days a year and 24 hours a day it means 12 numbers on the clock, so we have 12 Astrological signs that applies to approximate 7 billion world population that increases every second. Any soul takes birth in these months and days and within 24 hours time period only. 

Now question arises can our luck and destiny be the same for those people who take birth at same time, same day, same month and same year? Can Forecast of 12 signs be applied to 7 billion people on this planet.

Answer is no……….. Because our luck is destined by our KARMA only. 

What we give out- we receive back…..

Scientific theory is also behind that “Every Action has an equal and opposite Reaction”…….

When You throw a ball on the floor notice how many times it bounces back, you throw only once it bounces many times, same is with Karma when we do good we receive good manifolds and when we do wrong, we are not punished; but we harvest only what we have sown. So never blame to others and especially to God, we ourself are responsible for our sufferings in life. This is separate issue people do not know how to heal their Karmic issues.

Astrology can not change your luck but KARMA surely can………

Do good and keep your circle positive.


Forecast of 12 signs is published in newspapers and magazines and people are happy reading about their changing time but scientifically this is your mind that perceives the positive thing. your mind gets programmed that some good thing gonna happen in coming days and positive things start happening.

What about the Animal kingdom, They are also born in the same time, days and year, what about their sufferings; people hit them, abuse them, kill them and flip side of this some animals enjoy luxurious life. This inequality is also due to their Karma.

Yesterday a lady came to me wearing six rings different stones in them and beautiful stone in pendant when i asked about these gems and stones she replied, “No area of my life is smooth, and i am surrounded by bundle of problems so a Gold medalist astrologer advised me to wear it” then i asked what bring you here to me? she said, “I did not see any changes after wearing these stones and I read your article on Karma that is the root cause of our problems so want to discover the reason for my problems.” when i worked on her Karma she was shocked to know the exact reasons how she accumulated negative Karma by hurting and cheating people in one of her previous life.

I am not against the astrology but just want to know how gems and stones can change your luck and can solve your problems? There are millions of people who are suffering from different kind of problems and if astrology could change your life why people are not free from their problems, not even a single person would be a pauper, half of the population goes to the astrologers. Only your good actions (Karma) can solve your problems. Astrology can be useful in making and reading birth charts but you are the only one who can change your life by creating good Karma.