By joining good Karma Club, anyone can serve the society and awaken people through spreading the spirituality to build positive Karma. These actions will not go unnoticed by the “Lord Of Karma”.

There are various ways to help:-

* If you have a website add our website link to your website
* Share articles on Karma and Soul Healing to make people aware about the importance of building good Karma
* Run our ads about services and workshops on social media
* If you are an Editor and Publisher, edit our books and help us in publishing (for this contact us by email)
* If you have a healing centre, spiritual centre or into a similar kind of activities, you can ask us to arrange Lecture, Seminar and Workshop at your place
* If you have space to offer free of charge for lecture, seminar and workshop about teaching Soul and Karma Healing or any other modalities
* If you are a Web Developer, help us to update our website and give ideas how to make it more effective
* Sponsor our events/Seminar/Workshops in your country
* Donate land for the purpose of constructing Karma Healing Temple for the people of all religions.