All we are affected by some negative energies to some extent due to negative thoughts, jealous, envious behaviour of people in and around our life, and when we do not cleanse these energies, they get deposit in our mind, body and soul which blocks our growth and we face problems.Thats why, it becomes necessary to remove them.
The Year End spiritual cleansing includes physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing from all levels of body. This session will help you to remove those energies which are not serving you any longer.
To make this session more effective, you are advised to bring 1 tbs of Himalayan Salt on a piece of paper. If you do not have Himalayan salt, don’t worry any salt would work including bath salt.
Meditation session is on Dec 22, 2015 at 5:30 pm
Call, text, email to reserve your spot as we have limited seats.
Energy exchange $ 10.
Coffee and Snacks will be served.
More details on website and (Karma Healing Group)