The main motive of DOHC is to transform the lives of people. Whole world is going through several problems not because of God’s will, these are the reactions to the actions of human beings. What the person sows so he reaps. People are suffering from Life threatening diseases, broken relationships, financial crisis, ]ob and career problems, children problems, emotional and psychological problems and spiritual blockages because they are forgetting the value of good deeds. Only good actions can bring peace, harmony, happiness and prosperity in your life. Donation is the best way to accumulate good Karma and to clear negative Karma. Donations are worth donating when made without expectations in return.

Where Donation will be utilized?

  • All donations would be used in the following fields:—
  • Printing materials for educating people about karma
  • Research projects in the philosophy of Karma in different religion
  • Construction of Karma Healing Centre for all Religions in Canada, where everyone can visit and take healing sessions and guidance for Karma related problems
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Helping poor and destitute people I Treatment of poor and needy people e Food for Homeless and destitute people
  • Feeding Birds.

Benefits of Donation

  1. We will pray for you to heal your problem/situation.
  2. Clearing of negative Karma which you have accumulated knowingly and unknowingly.
  3. Inner Peace and Tranquility Release of Physical, Emotional and Mental pain
  4. Blessed Life
  5. Blockages (physical and spiritual) are unblocked
  6. Overall Growth occurs
  7. Create Good Karma

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