Abundant Life – Small Efforts Can Change Your Life

Everyone believes in luck, we often hear people saying, “everything is in God’s hands” nothing can change our life but this is not true;book cover we all have the power to change our life because we are the only architect of our own life. Everyone want to live happy, healthy and prosperous life but this does not happen due to some imbalances that we create ourselves in life. Everyone has to struggle in some pretext or to the other to live happy and peaceful life. A little understanding of the law of nature is required to bring changes because Law of balance is applied everywhere. Day, night, summer, autumn, winter, rain, etc., all maintain balance. Earth, fire, water, wood, and sky are the five elements of nature that have to be in balance likewise energies around us should be in balance if we want to live a peaceful life. This handbook is an effort to enhance and balance energies around us for prosperous living. As the coin has two sides likewise there is always two aspects in our life; negative and positive. But human being most likely is influenced by negative emotions and situations, if we broaden our understanding and create balance in our life we can attract happiness and abundance with small efforts. Heaven luck and Earth luck can be changed with small efforts by creating balance in our life.