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Our Vision

To heal, and transform the lives of people in a positive way.

Our Mission

To assist people to recognize their ability to heal and to create a platform from which an ailing person will adopt a positive attitude and come out with a healthy mind and body. We all know that every individual is suffering from minor or major problems which lead to an unhealthy life. We also are surrounded by many negative entities and our foremost goal is to provide a healthy life by providing maximum help from our expertise. The human body is God’s greatest creation, and to keep it in a good state we help to detoxify, purify and strengthen the mind, body and soul. The centre also strives to protect and uproot any ailment from the mind, body and soul and to solve psychosomatic problems to create a healthy life for the present and future generations.

Our Experts

Our team is an association of certified healers in their fields who cater to the needs of our clients by understanding the problems on an individual basis.

Jasz Koray

Jasz koray is the founder of Divine Order Healing Centre. She is serving the humanity for more than 17 years as a Healer. She is a certified Reiki Master, Color Therapist (USA) and well trained in all therapies. She has done Masters in Economics and Masters in Human Rights and Duties. Jasz also sought certification course in Yoga and worked as a yoga teacher.  Jasz worked as an Interior Decorator and established her business but, this was not her destiny and started learning healing therapies to bring changes in herself personally as well as professionally. She started her spiritual journey in the year 2000.

How Jasz became Healer?

Jasz Koray is very intuitive since childhood. She learned Reiki and Hypnotherapy for personal growth but, an incident changed her life. In 2001 her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in advanced stage. She took her to the hospital for treatment where she had seen many people old and young are suffering from this disease including children going through the pain of needles and blood transfusion. Jasz started flowing ‘reiki’ on them without telling them. This was the time she started practicing Reiki and learned other healing techniques. It shattered her when doctors told her that her mother could not survive for long. She started ‘Hands on Healing’ on her and practiced various therapies. Meanwhile, she sought training in Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique and started to heal other people too. In 2003 another incident changed her life when her 27 years old brother passed away, it was not a natural death he was hit by the bull and left the family in grief. In 2006, her mother left for heavenly abode because we cannot go against the law of nature, and we all know that death and birth is a cycle of life. It is not a place to mention that medical expert opined that my mother could not survive more than a year or so, but she survived for five years. Then she started her spiritual journey as a healer and psychic reader professionally. With the passage of time she sought training in Reiki Mastership, Angel Therapy, Soul Healing, Past Life Regression, Crystal Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Candle Therapy, Color Therapy, Vaastu Shastra, Feng Shui and Tarot Remedies.

In 2013, she got the message from the Divine to help the people to clear their negative Karma which is the root cause of all sufferings. Jasz says, “I am honored and obliged that the Divine has chosen me for this great work. The Divine taught me the method, and gifted me with sacred symbol and sacred code that can be used to clear all bad or negative Karma and, can be free from bad deeds and sins they have accumulated in this and in the previous lives so that they can live happy and prosperous life”. She is the creator of Karma Healing  Technique and serving the humanity as a Karma Healer and Teacher.